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Pre/Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certification
March 2013

Carolyne Anthony is coming to KÔR!

Pre/post-natal Pilates Specialist Certification Course
Instructor: Carolyne Anthony
March 8-10th (Fri 12-6pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sun 9-5pm) at KÔR

Pre/Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certification

Founded by Carolyne Anthony,The Center For Women's Fitness is known worldwide when it comes to Pre and Post Natal Fitness. The program has been designed to "Prepare the body for Birth™" and to "Repair the body after the Birth™". These programs are holistic in nature, yet backed by science, and work according to nature's schedule with the help of the mind/body exercise system of Pilates. The comprehensive course includes detailed lectures on the anatomy of the pelvic floor, abdominals and much more.

This is for professionals who would like to earn CEC credits, get certified in Pre/post-natal Pilates, or for instructors who have already taken the course but would like to audit it for updated information.

Course Fee: $1050 Full Certification (Mat & Equipment)
or $900 for Mat Certification only

Audit Fee: $400 (for instructors who have been through the course,
but would like updated info)

**Register before February 12th and save $150
on any 3 of the offerings**

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Why I (Rebecca) asked Carolyne to come to KÔR

I think anyone can learn anything from a book, however Carolyne's knowledge, her stories, her experience and wisdom, is just so invaluable and can't be replaced. I learned so much from her...more than just Pilates. She was one of the stepping stones in my journey to finally deciding to have my two babies at home, for that I am tremendously grateful...but more importantly she helped me realize that it is okay to listen and trust the natural instincts of my own body and to encourage the same for my clients. She has 3 very different birth stories (hospital birth, home birth, & a C-section) and with this I think she can speak from a place that not many women can speak from and give us insight where we may not have otherwise.

When I attended Carolyne’s course, back before I had my 2 babies, what stuck with me more than anything was the importance of storytelling. She said in her home country of Malaysia that women, mothers and grandmothers were the ones that taught the younger generation about birthing...they shared their stories, their birth stories and experiences. She said in this country we don't do much of that. It is so true. The first time I had ever heard my mother’s birth story was during the course when Carolyne encouraged us all to ask our mothers about how we were born. How did I not know this all my life?

So with all this being said I think she is a light in our Pilates community...in the community of women...in the sisterhood of mothers that is so important and greatly needed, especially here in our country. So I asked her to share her story with us in California, once again...sooner rather than later.

And she actually said yes to coming. From Malaysia. To share with us, her knowledge and wisdom, right here in Huntington Beach. Wow.


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