Pre & Postnatal

Pre/postnatal Classes
All of our classes listed below are safe for Pre & Postnatal mothers (including all 3 trimesters in pregnancy and 6-10 wks postpartum, after doctor/midwife clearance):

Mondays @ 9:30am-10:15 am EXO/ORBIT - Hip & Heart Opener w/Rachael *Pre/Postnatal friendly

Tuesdays @ 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm Pilates Circuit Level 1-2 w/Romana *Pre/Postnatal friendly

Thursdays @ 5:45pm-6:45pm Pilates Circuit Level 1-2 w/Romana *Pre/Postnatal friendly

Saturdays 8:30am-9:30am Pilates Circuit Level 1-2 w/Moira *Pre/Postnatal friendly

Saturdays @ 9:30am-10:25am EXO Chair/ORBIT Level 1 w/Breanna (Pre/Postnatal friendly)

*** Before taking Pilates Circuit you must have had experience on all equipment or have taken (5) private sessions first (Intro Package-5 Private Session for $249). Please notify the instructor before class has started that you are either pre/postnatal.

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Our goal with the Prenatal mother is…

• Gain functional strength & flexibility.

• Improve pelvic floor function. A balanced pelvic floor is strong enough to carry a baby, yet supple enough to birth it.

• Bring alignment to your pelvis. An aligned pelvis can create an optimal environment for good baby positioning.

• Learn mental focus and relaxation. By learning to be more aware about how you move your body you will develop a mind/body connection that is vital during labor.

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*In addition to prenatal group classes, you may take many other apparatus classes we offer as well since modifications can be made for your specific trimester/recovery…however you must inform us before class via e-mail,, so we can discuss which additional classes may be best for you.

Rebecca and Paul welcoming Isabella Raine into this world September 21 2009

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If you have any questions regarding pre/postnatal classes please direct them to me, Rebecca Nelson, KÔR owner/instructor & mama of 2 girls, at . I am happy to help you in any way that I can during this special time in your life…it is truly my passion to help you be as healthy as you need to be, both mentally and physically, in order for you to have the birth and recovery that YOU desire.

If you are a Prenatal mama…

If you are in your 1st trimester you may take any of the Pre/postnatal classes listed as *Prenatal-friendly* or any regular classes level 1. To see a full list go to our classes/schedule page, However, we strongly recommend you be kind to your body in your 1st trimester and not do anything more than what your body has been used to before you were pregnant. If you are at risk for miscarriage we recommend that you wait to exercise until after you have completed your first trimester and definitely after your doctor or midwife has given you the okay.

If you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, the classes listed as *Prenatal-friendly are safe for you and are the only group classes we can safely recommend for you at this stage in your pregnancy. The reason for this? Forward flexion (i.e., abdominal crunches) should be avoided. Non-weight bearing forward flexion is fine as we do in “cat stretch or cat/cow poses”…this is to allow the spine to stretch, however there should be no significant exertion coming from the rectus abdominus (“6 pack” muscles). These muscles are vulnerable to separating during pregnancy (a condition known as “rectus diastasis”) and in some cases permanent damage is done, especially if you over exert them. We will however work on postural muscles and core stabilizers that will help keep you as aligned and balanced as possible but flexible enough to allow normal changes throughout your pregnancy to occur. Back extension, twisting and single leg exercises also need to be monitored based on your specific conditions. Therefore, it is important to let us know of any pain or discomfort you may be feeling with your body when you start a program with us or even as your body changes throughout your pregnancy.

In addition to group classes we strongly recommend taking private sessions if possible, even if only once every few weeks. We have several certified Pre/Postnatal instructors who would be happy to work with your individual needs throughout your pregnancy.


If you are a Postnatal mama…

The Pre/postnatal friendly classes are safe for your re-entry into exercise as long as you have recieved the go ahead from your doctor or midwife to exercise, however, if you suspect your rectus abdominus (“6 pack” muscles) have separated please e-mail us before you attend class so we can allow a few extra minutes to quickly assess you. Also, this way we can see if your abdominals are ready for the next level of classes, such as our regular Pilates classes that involve loaded forward flexion of the abdominals…however this really is not recommended until several months after you have delivered in order to allow these muscles time to adjust to your new, non-pregnant body. It is best to be safe and get checked first so you so don’t run the risk of causing further separation. If this condition, known as “rectus diastasis” is not addressed at the beginning of your re-entry into exercise after pregnancy then you run the risk of never fully regaining your pre-pregnancy tummy and making any possible condition worse.

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